Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Wind Farm Protection Scheme Design

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Said A. Zaid


POWER Engineers is a leading consulting firm that provides engineering services for the design of various types of electrical power projects across the United States with some internationally. A typical project conducted by POWER is the electrical design of a Wind Generating Facility (also called a Wind Farm). Part of this design involves the engineering of a relay protection scheme that provides protection against abnormalities that can be damaging to the system and create safety hazards for personnel. Such abnormalities include fault conditions, under/ over voltage conditions, under/over frequency conditions, and equipment malfunction. Under the guidance of POWER and our faculty advisor, the goal of the project was to design a protection scheme for a typical wind farm. The requirements of the protective relaying scheme were to integrate with substation monitoring and control systems and meet the basic objectives of protective relaying. The system was first modeled using the ASPEN One-liner software package and short-circuit analysis was conducted to simulate possible fault conditions. Based on the results from the analysis, relay setting were developed for the protection scheme. The settings were then downloaded onto microprocessorbased protective relays donated by Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. and tested to ensure proper functionality.