Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Surface Acoustic Wave Device Fabrication Using Zinc Oxide and Chalcogenide Thin Films

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Kris Campbell


Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices were fabricated on Si to demonstrate functionality. Device design was laid out and masks produced for fabrication on 100 mm wafers. Device configurations to be made include zinc oxide or chalcogenide piezoelectric thin film (PTF) on interdigitated (IDT) transducers on Si (PTF/IDT/Si), and the alternate IDT/PTF/Si. Initial devices used zinc oxide PTF Rf-magnetron sputter deposited on the IDT transducers for the PTF/IDT/ Si configuration, and simultaneously on Si wafers for subsequent tungsten deposition and etching to produce the IDT/PTF/Si configuration. The devices will be electrically tested for detection of the propagated signal through the piezoelectric film. A second phase of the project will involve post-processing of CMOS chips to deposit piezoelectric thin films to produce smaller scale SAW devices.