Apr 20th, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Bown Crossing: A Case for Mixed-Use, High Density Development in Boise

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Samia Islam


The city of Boise is rapidly growing and we believe that Boise can better accommodate this growth by utilizing mixed-use zoning. Our research will focus on the mixed-use community of Bown Crossing. Using this development as a template, we will conduct an analysis of the economic costs and benefits for the local residents and businesses. Due to the rising popularity of smart growth developments, we will examine the successes and failures of mixeduse developments in Boise. We will compare and contrast low density developments with high density mixed-use developments by focusing on factors such as traffic congestion, commute times, transportation and parking costs, tax revenue through increased or decreased consumer spending, as well as agglomeration effects. We expect to show that the benefits of mixed-use zoning out-weigh the associated implementation costs.