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This study intended to determine student perceptions on the efficacy of using mobile learning strategies and devices to create electronic content for inclusion in an engineering team/group e-portfolio. Sixty four students from an undergraduate engineering thermodynamics class, created multimedia videos and produced content demonstrating course content summaries, problem solving techniques, and written work on concept question solutions. Results from a post course completion anonymous survey and focus group meeting indicated that the majority of the students found this to be a very useful exercise in learning, communicating with their instructor, completing homework and assignments as well as to prepare for tests. Some students indicated their preference for use of traditional computers, paper and pen. Recommendations for improved pedagogy using mobile devices are provided. Further research plans include the creation of an engineering industry grounded assessment instrument capable of measuring the soft social skills identified in the ABET Engineering Criteria Outcomes.


This document was originally published in Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Copyright restrictions may apply.