Microelectronics Education and Research in the Idaho Microfabrication Laboratory at Boise State University

Stephen Parke, Boise State University
Susan Burkett, Boise State University
Siddhartha Duttagupta, Boise State University
Mark Hofhine, Boise State University
Gary Erickson, Boise State University
Rick Holscher, Micron Technology
Ken Boorom, Hewlett-Packard
John Rosato, SCP Global Technology
Randy Clifford, Zilog, Inc.

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Biennial University/Government/Industry Microelectronics Symposium, 20-23 June 1999, 17-21.


This paper describes Boise State's successful new microelectronics program, including facilities, laboratories, curriculum, and research projects. Since its beginning in 1997, this program has grown rapidly and is experiencing tremendous industry support, enabling excellent lab facilities and equipment, as well as abundant internship and collaborative research opportunities. Meeting industry educational needs through various video course delivery modes and alternative schedules will be discussed. Also described is the Idaho Microfabrication Lab, a small Class 1000 cleanroom utilizing 150mm tools, which was completed in Fall 1998. The adjoining CAD lab and VLSI tesddevice characterization lab and the undergraduate courses utilizing these labs will also be described. A Master's level program in microelectronics is planned to begin in 2000. Initial research activities and strategy will be discussed along with a modular cleanroom expansion plan.