Publication Date


Date of Final Oral Examination (Defense)


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Major Advisor

Lisa G. Bostaph, Ph.D.


Laura King, Ph.D.


Lane Gillespie, Ph.D.


Through the professionalization of victim services, research has focused on the barriers that victims of crime face when seeking services. In addition, academics have addressed the unique challenges that arise for victims in rural communities. However, very little research has examined the barriers that arise in service provision. Furthermore, few researchers have explored the relationship between the geographic location of a provider and the types of barriers that are encountered. This study attempts to address this gap in research by examining 117 surveys which were completed by service agencies dispersed throughout a Northwestern state. Quantitative analyses were conducted and results indicated that there is not a statistically significant relationship between the location of a service provider and the type of barrier encountered. However, the qualitative data that was collected indicated that metro agencies often encountered barriers that included low community awareness and support, and non-metro agencies encountered diminished funding. This study concludes by providing possible policy implications that could be implemented to help reduce barriers in service provision.