The Effect of Clear or Unclear Teaching on the Number of Student Disruptions in the Classroom

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Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum, and Instruction

Major Advisor

John H. Jensen, Ph.D.


Patricia B. Kyle, Ph.D.


Lawrence R. Rogien, Ph.D.


Roger Stewart, Ph.D.


For many years now, the Gallup Polls (Elam, Rose, & Gallup, 1995) have discovered that the number one concern of students, parents, and educators is classroom discipline. Many teachers experience job dissatisfaction and burnout because of the constant struggle with students, and the inability to manage the classroom continues to be a major reason for teacher failure (Savage, 1999). Many parents have endured sleepless nights concerned about their child's behavior - or protection - in school. Students are generally good young people, but some - for whatever reason - become disruptive. And those who are not disruptive are often times distracted and concerned about the disruptions of others.

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