Population Biology and Natural History of Columbia Spotted Frogs (Rana Luteiventris) in the Owyhee Uplands of Southwest Idaho: Implications for Monitoring and Management

Publication Date


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Science in Biology



Major Advisor

James C. Munger


During the past ten years, concern about global amphibian declines has increased greatly. Many studies have been initiated to determine if and why populations are declining (e.g., Blaustein and Wake 1990; Patla 1997; Phillips 1990; Reaser 1997; Wake 1991). Amphibians are sensitive indicators of environmental change (Wake and Morowitz 1990), and they often make up a significant amount of an ecosystem's biomass, both as predators and prey (Peterson et al. 1992). Thus, the need to understand amphibian biology, habitat requirements, and impacts of current management activities has become increasingly important.

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