The Life History and Ecology of Two Endangered Snake River Gastropods: Utah Valvata (Valvata utahensis: Call) and Idaho Springsnail (Pyrgulopsis idahoensis: Pilsbry)

Publication Date


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Science in Biology



Major Advisor

Peter Koetsier


Gastropods occupy almost every habitat type in North America (Brown 2001). The southeastern United States has the greatest diversity of snails, but the western U.S., although containing relatively fewer species, has high diversity, particularly among freshwater forms, owing to the numerous isolated desert streams and springs (Brown 2001). Indeed, in recent years numerous taxa have only just been described (Hershler 1994, Hershler 1998, Hershler and Sada 2000). This diversity of taxa makes generalizations regarding life histories, functional feeding associations, habitat preferences, and ecological interactions difficult.

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