Learning of Planetary Science Content Through Listserv Conversations on the Internet

Publication Date


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Science in Education, Earth Science



Major Advisor

Dr. Thel Pearson


The Internet can play an important role in developing stronger, more pragmatic science knowledge for teachers and students in formal and informal settings. However, educators are finding Internet-related education to be a complicated issue without clear-cut answers to many questions. What are the avenues of science learning, networking, and collaboration available to educators and students via the Internet? How can friendly pathways be developed in which "science-phobic" teachers and students can access the plethora of cutting-edge science information available on the Internet? These are just a few of the Internet-related issues facing science educators, trainers of educators, and students today. In addition, how can classroom teachers acquire the needed skills and confidence to embark upon this new electronic learning so they may properly instruct and guide their classroom students to do the same? It is time to offer teachers an opportunity to reeducate and update themselves as to the new electronic avenues and nontraditional settings for learning and teaching. No longer are educators locked into customary training methods (e.g., taking a college class or in-service to become proficient in an area) as their only means of learning. The advent of cyberspace education has allowed innovative types of instructional, wall-less environments to become a reality.

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