Publication Date

Summer 2009

Date of Final Oral Examination (Defense)


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Arts in History



Major Advisor

Shelton Woods, Ph.D.


Jill K. Gill, Ph.D.


Robert Sims, Ph.D.


During World War II countries throughout the world were focused on domination, not only over their neighbors or other enemies further abroad, but over their own people as well. Across the world governments removed civil liberties, imprisoned citizens based on their race or religion, and executions became commonplace for anyone perceived as a threat or simply stood in their way. Throughout all of this the United States seemed like the “white knight” from North America, with a willingness to fight the forces of fascism overseas and the strength and courage to restore peace around the globe. While Americans sacrificed so much at home and abroad to help liberate the world from fascism and tyranny, the United States government with the support of the majority of Americans chose to suspend the rights of many of its own citizens, and went so far as to imprison over a hundred thousand loyal Americans based solely on economic and racial discrimination. These loyal Japanese Americans lost their homes, their belongings, and between two to four years of their lives as they were isolated in inhospitable concentration camps located throughout the Western deserts and Arkansas.