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Type of Culminating Activity


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Master of Arts in History



Major Advisor

Todd Shallat


There have been many sources written on western mining concerning race and the environment, but many of those have focused on the negative consequences mining has had on the environment and the racial violence perpetuated against minorities in those mining towns, particularly the Chinese. There is a need to show a more positive focus on the histories of mining towns, like Warren, that can provide good examples of both responsible environmental stewardship and successful racial integration. Since there have been no studies done or books written that document the complete history of Warren, this study will correct that deficiency so that we may learn from Warren’s success. This study draws from multiple sources on early Idaho history, western mining history and the role of the Chinese in the West, as well as evidence secured from many newspaper accounts, government documents, census records, archeological facts, and Chinese collections. Stories from local writers, personal narratives, and oral history interviews are also used. This study allows us to gain the understanding of how this combination of economic, political, geographical, and social factors contributed to Warren’s successful longevity. This study also reveals the elements that combined to provide a history of positive racial co-existence and wise environmental stewardship that were the hallmarks of Warren’s history. By focusing on the positive aspects of a western mining town instead of the negative aspects, this history of Warren will prove to be a valuable contribution to the historiographical record.