Publication Date


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Arts in Communication



Major Advisor

Peter Wollheim, Ph.D.


Despite the increase in the number of learning disabled (LD) students attending postsecondary institutions, few of these students decide to disclose their learning disability to postsecondary faculty and staff. Consequently, these students are less likely to receive the necessary support or learning accommodations available to them. This thesis explains how the social constructs of the K-12 educational and familial environments affect the ability of LD students to disclose their learning disability to postsecondary instructors. This thesis proposes that the comfort level between the student and the instructor plays an important role in disclosure. Based on this proposal, this thesis explains the manner in which the Web site can be employed as an academic reference tool for postsecondary instructors, faculty members, and students as a means of allowing them to communicate about the subject of learning disabilities with a high level of comfort.