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Type of Culminating Activity


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Master of Fine Arts, Visual Arts



Major Advisor

Laurie Blakeslee, MFA


In this highly mobile world, it is the undefined and in-between spaces encountered, such as while being in a car or train, that characterize the non-place. Traveling across town or across the globe, most of us spend much of our time in these spaces. P̶L̶A̶C̶E: An Artist’s Experience in a Highly Mobile World investigates the external-to-internal experience of moving through the non-place. Explored through my own recent travels, the non-place is analyzed as informed through the cognitive and by imagination; I consider the subjective view to the totality of experience.

In my body of work, I interrogate the non-place through my own external and internal experiences. Investigations on topical and related questions asked by contemporary theorists such as Marc Augé and Michel Foucault are compared and analyzed. This body of work also considers the social, cultural, and artistic precedents, together with the related concepts of mobilities and supermodernity.

This work does not take the position of an argument. This is instead a personal query in the quest for a better understanding of the world I live in. The end product of my travels and artistic explorations, it is by interrogating these ideas that I learn about the world and of my own reality within it.

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Art Practice Commons