Publication Date


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Science in Computer Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Major Advisor

Sin Ming Loo, Ph.D.


Understanding movement is an important area of research for improving comfort and safety. Data collected from accelerometers and gyros attached to multiple parts of a body can be used to determine the type of physical activity in which an individual is engaging. Correlating this data with the individual's heart rate allows for the verification of the type of activity as well as observation of the amount of physical strain experienced during the activity. Additionally, data on environmental stimuli can be gathered in order to determine their effect on physical strain. Current research in the field has been limited by both the portability and flexibility of current sensor systems. This thesis focuses on the development of a flexible wireless sensor network framework for collecting data on an individual's physical activity, the corresponding strain, and relevant environmental factors. Successful implementation of this system has been completed and results are reported.