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Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Master of Science in Educational Technology


Educational Technology

Major Advisor

Dr. Kerry Rice


Educational technologies (e.g., computers, social software, personal response systems, and multimedia) have become commonplace in the higher education classroom; however, the full potential of this trend has yet to be realized in the laboratory setting. Technology integration into the undergraduate science laboratory is imperative if we are to, as Hofstein and Lunetta (2004) suggest, engage our current student populations in ways consistent with their experience, knowledge, and preferences. The incorporation of multimedia technologies into the laboratory is one way to meet this charge.Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM),this study investigated the student acceptance and usage of podcasting in the undergraduate laboratory setting.The results indicate that students perceived benefits to podcasting for procedural aspects of the laboratory but not for the conceptual aspects that might be assessed on lab quizzes.Student comments indicate that for those with visual and/or aural learning styles multimedia resources, such as the videos provided in this study, may be of particular use in learning.(Keywords: Higher Education, Science Laboratory, Educational Technology, Web-based video, Web 2.0)