Publication Date


Date of Final Oral Examination (Defense)


Type of Culminating Activity


Degree Title

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies

Major Advisor

Jonathan Brendefur, Ph.D


Michele Carney, Ph.D.


Evelyn Johnson, Ed.D.


Keith W. Thiede, Ph.D.


National and international testing data reveal that current mathematics achievement falls short of the mark, supporting the claim that existing mathematical practice is insufficient to meet our students’ needs. Research shows that experiential, social learning which emphasizes mathematical understanding over procedural mastery has more impact on student achievement, while widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics further supports the call for transformational shifts in pedagogy. Despite all this, the behaviorist orientation which dominates much of current mathematical practice persists. The barriers to change and the ways in which various interventions address those barriers was the focus of this study, with special attention paid to the variable of teacher mindset. This study’s primary purpose was to investigate the moderating effect of mindset in the context of ongoing professional development and curricular intervention on the outcome variable of instructional practice in the secondary mathematics classroom. The results of multiple linear regression analyses indicate not only that the mathematics cohort model of professional development under review was effective in shifting mathematical instructional practice among participating teachers, but that higher scores on the growth mindset continuum positively moderated the relationship between professional development intervention and shifts in the frequency with which traditional transmission instructional activities were used in the secondary mathematics classroom.