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Purpose: This ScholarWorks Authorization form is the official document by which a graduate program communicates its desire to have the selected project permanently archived in ScholarWorks and where a graduate student (a) provides necessary certifications for the final version of his or her graduate project, and (b) grants the university a non-exclusive right to archive the project and make it publicly accessible via ScholarWorks.

Scope: A complete ScholarWorks Authorization form is required before any graduate projects and related files can be uploaded into ScholarWorks. A student who completes and submits this form to the Library is doing so because their completed and fully approved project has been identified by the faculty of the student's graduate program as being especially appropriate for access by the public through ScholarWorks.

Procedure: Graduate students whose projects have been selected for archiving by their graduate program and who wish to follow through on this recommendation will need to complete and return this form to ScholarWorks (Albertsons Library - Room 217) before any documents are uploaded to the ScholarWorks site.

Questions: Students with questions about the ScholarWorks uploading process should contact ScholarWorks at or 208-426-2581.


Additional information is available in the Guidelines for Submitting a Graduate Project to ScholarWorks.



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