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COHS Sustainability Report

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In publishing our sustainability report for the College of Health Sciences (COHS) at Boise State University, we are making our first attempt to transparently report on the social, economic, and environmental impacts that we have on our key stakeholders, and role model this leading corporate and organizational practice to inspire our business and academic peers to follow suit. With combined efforts and support from the College of Business and Economics (COBE), who will be publishing their third sustainability report this year, COHS was successful in developing our initial report. To fully align with our values, we put experiential learning at the heart of this effort: 14 student sustainability reporters, ranging from graduate and undergraduate levels from COHS and COBE researched, collected data, and wrote this report, and 30 students from the Beta Alpha Psi Honors Society and the graduate accounting class 505: Perspectives in Auditing conducted the report’s review.

Organizing Frameworks

To create this report, we leveraged the leading sustainability reporting frameworks from the corporate and business school realms respectively, namely the Global Reporting Initiative (G4), the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNPRME), and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) STARS guidelines. For the COHS report, leveraging of frameworks began early by two Masters of Health Science Capstone students Stephanie Pustejovsky and Jordan Harris. Building the foundation for our report was these bright students senior capstone project. Responsibilities included researching and analyzing sustainability frameworks, reviewing the COBE report, and deliberating on personal experiences at COHS to create materials to begin the development of a sustainability report that reflects the current state and future goals of the College.

Top Areas of Excellence

• Through Integrated Service-Learning projects, the COHS students have provided 25,965 hours of service to the Boise community (details on pg. 34).

• Generating close to $6 million in Gross Revenue through the creation of eight Self-Support programs (details on pg. 43).

Top Areas of Improvement

• Improve student retention and graduation rates (details on pg. 26).