Ethnic Diversity and Nation Building: Does the Reduction of an Active Ethnic Diverse Population Facilitate the Development of a Modern Democratic Nation?

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Brian Wampler


Australia's legacy, of an undeveloped territory transforming into a stable westernized democracy in the span of 150 years, is unique in modern history. Although it is estimated the native people, having grown to one million, had inhabited the territory for 40 millennia, ii was its 18th century British settlement as a penal colony that set the stage for the production of the first Anglo-centric nation in Asia's South Pacific. This research will focus on Australia's execution of the essential steps of modern nation building and contrast the process with the development of other nations throughout history. II will focus on early political elements which facilitated the nation's industrialization and its almost complete homogenization. It will demonstrate a significant connection between the legacy of Australia's successes to its early policies, by looking at the century leading up to 1958, the year which concluded what became known as the "White Australia Policy.”

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