What Makes a Good Relationship?

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Student Presentation

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Kimberly Hardy


The question of what makes a happy romantic relationship is important to several cultures, ages and individuals. But what is it that makes a romantic relationship satisfying? I hypothesize that the qualities of sexual compatibility, shared goals/common interests, and high-quality communication skills have a significant part in the development of a happy relationship. I am interested in examining these factors for the reason that communication and common interests tend to be the perfect combination for strong friendships, and by adding sexual compatibility to the grouping I anticipate a healthy romantic relationship can be formed. Participants will complete an online survey asking questions about the aforementioned variables in exchange for course credit. Results will be analyzed using a multiple regression analysis using SPSS. If my hypothesis is supported by the results, it will mean that it can be statistically shown that sexual compatibility, shared goals/common interests, and communication skills are associated with having happy romantic relationships.

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