The Blind Side of Student-Athlete Academic Advising

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Student Presentation

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Laurel Traynowicz


Student-athletes are often faced with a dilemma: Are they students or athletes? The hyphen included between “student” and “athletes” indicates that they are theoretically both, but reality often differs. Universities rely on athletic and academic advisors to help student-athletes succeed in both areas; however, problems arise when the advisors have to choose between prioritizing the students’ education and sport. The stereotype of student-athletes as poor students paints a negative picture of the student-athletes’ work ethic and academic ambition. But how much of that can be attributed to the advisors? The current study examined the dynamic that exists between student-athletes and advisors at NCAA Division I universities. A survey was distributed among student-athletes to gain an understanding of their academic interests prior to meeting their advisor, as well as factors that influenced their decisions. Athletic advisors were interviewed regarding their approach in advising student-athletes. Data gathered shed light on the complexities of the academic advising process for student-athletes.

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