Submissions from 2015

We’re Way Past Sports 101: Female Fan Sophistication at College and Professional Sporting Events, Montigo Alford, Kyle Blackhurst, Pamela Clayton, Donte Deayon, Ray Ford III, Jajaira Garcia, Samantha Holt, Tyler Horn, Terrell Johnson, Derrick Marks, Janice Morin, Tyler Ostler, Mariana Quitugua, Camille Redmon, Blake Renaud, Sasha Saputra, Nicole Sellars, Antoine Turner, Chloe Van Zandt, Ripley Waldow, Ja’Lara Walker, and James Webb III

Effectiveness of Counseling in Influencing Attitudes Towards Seeking Help, Alexandria Allen, Meghan Green, Caley Featherstone, and Amanda Yoder

Religion, Spirituality, and Happiness, Kelsey Allen

Violent Sport and Children’s Audience Participation, Pamela Clayton, Kyle Blackhurst, and Camille Redmon


Man Made Paradise: The Boise Water Project, Heidi Coon and Cheryl Oestreicher


Intercultural Ambassadors: Foreign Students’ Conflict and Expectations Revisited, Luz Elena Cortes

Ethnic Diversity and Nation Building: Does the Reduction of an Active Ethnic Diverse Population Facilitate the Development of a Modern Democratic Nation?, Mario Espinoza

National Football League Anti-Fans, Jajaira Garcia, Terrell Johnson, Janice Morin, and Antoine Turner

Incentivized Students: How Neutralized Gender Rationalizes Academic Success, Britini Denise Gates

Artifacts of Domestic Past Life, Cassie Green

The Effects of Sexual Objectification on Self-Perception and Risky Sexual Behaviors, Morgan Harris

What Makes a Good Relationship?, Kimberly R. Hayes

Attitudes and Willingness to Seek Counseling Among College Students, Whitney Herter

Legislative Gender Equality in the Northwest, Timothy Hibbard

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Female Fans, Tyler Horn and Blake Renaud

In From the Cold: Using Cultural Context in the Reconstruction of Cause of Death, Melissa Kidd, Audrey Rogers, Nicole Inghilterra, Beki Jumonville, and Samantha Blatt

The Vietnam War's Impact on Chinese Politics During 1965-66 and its Lasting Legacy, Dexter Lensing

Characterizing Recreationists in the Owyhees, Denell Letourneau, Kathryn Demps, Hannah Brown, Rob Spaul, Julie Heath, and Monica Hubbard

The Impact of Changes in Immigration Policy on Idaho's Agricultural Workers, Kimberly Luna and Brian Wampler

Raising Arrowrock, Richard Martinez

The Blind Side of Student-Athlete Academic Advising, Haley Myers and Eliysha Saputra

America's Game is in Danger, Tyler Ostler and Samantha Holt

Student-Client Relationships as a Mechanism for Promoting Critical Thinking Through Service Learning, Brianna Oswald

Idaho Sexual Orientation Policy Debates: Local Discourse, Megyn Rodriguez

Ethnicity and Internalizing/Externalizing Problems, Christina Royal and Jennifer M. Weaver


The Thorn in Our Flesh: A Comparison of Academic Group Projects Across Cultures, Eliysha Saputra

Unity Amidst Chaos: How Poetry Influenced Nationalism in Post-Revolutionary America, Amber Shoopman

Where Does Honesty Fit in the Big Five?: A Qualitative Analysis, Sharlynn Thompson

The Effects of Brief Counseling Associated with Coursework on Distress in Students, Amanda Yoder