Boise River Posphorus Outreach

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


The Boise River Watershed is close to non-attainment status for phosphorous levels, according to the current EPA standards. This non-attainment designation may necessitate the construction of a multimillion dollar facility to remove the nutrients from waste waters before they are returned to the river. This may, however, still not be enough to meet the EPA standards. In order to protect the natural Boise River ecosystem that runs through Idaho's capital, urban polluters' habits must change. In an attempt to decrease the amount of phosphorus and other nutrients that threaten the Boise River ecosystem, this project outlines a community outreach program which will educate community members of all ages. The proposed program will promote recycling, educate urban polluters about harmful nutrients and chemicals, and promote healthy habits that will protect the Boise River ecosystem and the inhabitants of Idaho.

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