Effects of Social Media on Relationships

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Student Presentation

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Dawn Shepherd


This research examines some of the ways in which interactive social media affects relationships of both real and perceived nature. Human beings construct relationships as a reaction to a strong desire to connect to other people. Social media provides an accessible outlet for people to connect to those with whom they share the most similarities. However, these shared similarities are they themselves only constructions and may be an entirely false representation of the human being that operates the online profile. People may connect with other people whom they have never met and yet feel as though they know everything about that person, regardless of reciprocation of feelings. This is evident in the affections aimed toward creators or online video with large followings. My research examines how these constructed relationships develop and evolve as well as how they affect relations between people offline. My research is currently based solely on academic journals, but I will be attending a conference regarding this subject in March. The research will expand the common understanding of the implicit influence of interactive social media.

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