Predictors of College Students’ Opinions on Sexual Taboo Topics

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Student Presentation

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Kimberly McAdams


Going to college is a major transitional event in many young adults’ lives. Students have more freedom, but also more responsibilities. College students have to learn how to take care of themselves as many moved away from their parents’ home. Due to this newfound freedom, many college students start to truly explore their sexuality. Previous research on this topic has not looked into foreplay aspect of oral sex, and have not looked into religion as a predictor of sexual attitudes. Finally, there has been a lot of debate on of gender in sexual attitudes. There has been a shift in how females view their sexuality. Multiple variables were examined as predictors of college student’s opinions on sexual taboo topics. One hundred and fifty students were administered sexual attitudes and personal experience survey. Religiosity, gender and permissive attitudes were predictors of their opinions on sexual attitudes.

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