MY Team vs. OUR Team: Bandwagon Fan Culture in Sports

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Student Presentation

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Laurel Traynowicz


Throughout history, sporting events have been the center of entertainment; the uncertainty of the outcome is what keeps spectators coming back for more. With over 300 million worldwide spectating fans during the 2011-2012 season of amateur and professional sports, it is the world’s largest form of entertainment (ESPN, 2012). Though sporting events are widely watched, franchises are often left with empty stadiums and low turnouts when they are in a losing season, but have full attendance when they are winning. For this study, more than 150 NCAA Division I football and men’s basketball fans were interviewed and observed over a two-month period during the 2013-2014 season. The specific aim of this research is to determine what makes a fan support a franchise team mainly when they are winning. Preliminary data analysis reveals several of the reasons or motivations for fans—despite their best intentions—becoming “fair weather” or bandwagon fans.

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