Faculty Perceptions of the Usefulness of Student ePortfolios

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Student Presentation

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Eric Landrum


The purpose of this study is to survey university faculty on their opinions, attitudes, and perceptions of electronic portfolios or e-portfolios. We hope to better understand faculty members’ current views on electronic portfolios, as well as gauge their level of support for the implementation of electronic portfolios in the university curriculum. In this study, faculty members will complete an online survey that consists of roughly 20 questions. Results from this study may shed light on university faculty members’ current knowledge, misconception, and support of e-portfolios. In order to identify the majority of faculty members’ stylistic preference of electronic portfolios, the survey will include the choice between three different styles of e-portfolios: a professional, semi-professional, and an individualistic styled electronic portfolio. According to Lorenzo and John (2005) electronic portfolios are a “digitized collection of artifacts including demonstrations, resources, and accomplishments that represent an individual, group, or institution” (p. 1). Electronic portfolios are a great way for students to showcase their college experiences, work, and knowledge. E-portfolios are also beneficial for universities as a tool to examine students’ work in order to assess the performance of the university and its departments. These assessments may be useful for accreditation evaluations (Reese & Levy, 2009).

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