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President Civic Leadership- Business Management Internship

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Shelton Woods


I am a President Civic Leadership Scholarship recipient, and each semester the civic scholars have requirements to fulfill. Last semester the requirement was to do an internship with a company that had you helping with activities that pertained to your individual major, which for me was Business Management. This spring semester, our requirement is to now present our internship experience at the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference.

Throughout my four years of college I have been able to now complete two internships. By taking part in each of the internships, I have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about business, business management, and the different aspects involved in business. The two internships I have participated in were two very different experiences and have showed how different yet similar businesses can be no matter the size of the company or the industry one pursues.

The internship I did for the fall 2011 semester was for Chrysalis Salon Professional Products. Chrysalis is a distributor for Idaho, Montana, and Washington and distributes different manufactures’ salon exclusive products. This sole proprietorship consisted of my supervisor, the CEO of the company, and me. This was a great way for me to get involved in all of the different departments involved in business, even though the internship experience was on a very small scale. I was able to see a simplified example of accounting, marketing, management, inventory, organizational planning, and sales.

During my internship I was able to get some hands on experience and see the real world of daily business activity. There were many objectives and projects I was able to accomplish during my internship and many ways I was able to relate what I was learning in class to what I was doing in the workplace.

During the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference, I will be able to share my experiences and talk about the difference that participating in internships has made for my education.

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