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The New Evangelization: Loving America Through Catholic Radio

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Shelton Woods


I interned with Salt & Light Catholic Radio for 16 weeks. I set out to learn about the Catholic radio environment in Boise, especially how the station is both struggling and succeeding with the Catholic “New Evangelization” movement. Catholic media is a new and growing section of American Catholicism, though admittedly the Catholic Church is far behind the times. The “New Evangelization” movement seeks to proclaim the relevance of seemingly antiquated Catholic doctrine to America through media. My internship in Catholic media, then, was directed at getting groundwork experience as an amateur in the business. To gain this experience, I worked in every field available at the station, including administrative tasks, development, fundraising, promotions, and audio production. As a result of my efforts, I’ve acquired valuable basic knowledge of how an up-and-coming radio station functions as well as areas that are most neglected and most emphasized. In the future, with the experience that I’ve gotten, I can better assist the struggling world of Catholic radio, because I’ve gained an understanding of the current effectiveness of this facet of Catholic media. My goals for the future align directly with what I’ve learned, for I now plan to supplement Catholic radio with my contemporary and energetic perspective.

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