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An Exploration of Historical Idaho Through Photography

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Student Presentation

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Shelton Woods


The close proximity of the Idaho Historical Archives offers a unique opportunity for Boise State students. For the research of any subject, from History to Environmental Science, the Archives have a plethora of information. However, few BSU students take advantage of this readily available source. As a photo intern at the Historical Society, I have sorted through mass amounts of visual information pertaining to Idaho history. My goal in the Undergraduate Research Conference is to highlight significant images of historical Idaho while explaining the methods behind preserving, compiling, and archiving valuable photography for future reference. By doing so, the presentation will demonstrate the potential for a hands-on experience with local history as well as the opportunity BSU students have for researching primary sources. Idaho has a colorful and interesting past which is well documented and easily accessible through the hard work of those at the Archives. Students at Boise State could put this information to good use and make BSU a center of Idaho history knowledge and expertise.

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