Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and Personality

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Dr. Elizabeth Morgan


MMORPG (Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Games), are quickly becoming popular as a new way to socialize on the internet. In these types of games, players form a profile, or character, and choose certain aspects about themselves that they would like to be in the game. In a study conducted by Amichai-Hamburger, Wainapel, & Fox, (2002), it was predicted that people who are introverts or neurotic have difficulties expressing themselves in social interactions. This past research has indicated differences between those high in neuroses and those who are not and an increased level in the use of the internet for social purposes. Earlier studies have indicated that people who are neurotic as well as introverted are more likely to use forms of social communication that are more anonymous; online interactions such as blogging, social networking as well as playing MMORPG. In this study participants shall be asked a series of questions regarding their demographics, relationship status, MMORPG game play, and the Big Five Factor personality scale. In this study participants shall be aged 18-60, of both male and female gender and must have played MMORPG. Analyses of data shall examine whether or not those who play MMORPG are less likely to be in romantic relationships, more likely to be introverted as well as scoring higher in neuroses, and there will be a relationship between users who score higher on the neuroses scale and amount of perceived anonymity.

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