Caucasians and Their Perceptions’ of Stereotypes: When Diversity is the Minority

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Dr. Eric Landrum


This study examined if Caucasians’ perceptions of other ethnic groups were shaped by television viewing and lack of diversity in the geographical area of Idaho. Idaho is sparsely diverse, thus this study was expected to reiterate past research findings. Which indicated, that the less an individual of another ethnic culture comes into contact with other ethnicities, the more negative perceptions will be held by that individual. And although Caucasians’ perceptions were pertinent to this study other ethnic groups, participated as part of the survey. The participants included 72.90% Caucasians/White and 27.10% and four other ethnic groups. Contrary to past research, this study found no significant indication that perceptions were shaped by the media or lack of diversity in the area. However, the likely significant indicator of this lack of finding is that this study did not name specific ethnic groups in the study questions. This author used the word “other ethnicities,” in the survey questions to avoid generalization of other ethnic groups from the participants. It is interesting to note that the participating ethnic groups tended to perceive other ethnic groups as one group. This might indicate that ethnic groups have a stronger within group mentality. Further research needs to address why such mentality is more predominant in the ethnic groups.

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