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Dr. Eric Landrum


I examined the different ways in which individuals cope with anxiety and stress levels. One hundred thirteen participants, 64 females and 41 males ranging from age 18 to 55, received a 9-question survey related to their level of stress and anxiety and how often they cope with their stress in various ways; for example coping by exercising more often than coping by overeating depending on age and gender. All of the participants in this study were from general psychology classes at Boise State University. The results indicate there is a significant relationship between age and engaging in physical activities to cope with stress and anxiety. Contrary to other studies, my results indicate no significant differences between males and females and the level of their stress. However, there is a significant difference between males and females and overeating to cope with stress. Females tend to overeat to cope with stress more often than males. This finding suggests that more females tend not to engage in physical activities to cope with stress but instead eat to cope. It would be beneficial in the future to have a larger sample of participants and ask more specific questions as to how individuals cope with stress and anxiety and why.