This is a Man’s World, for Now: Examining the Elimination of Gender Stereotypes

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Dr. Eric Landrum


A very prominent limiting factor in modern society is the presence of gender stereotypes. Previous research has identified numerous character traits that are associated with each gender, as well as ways in which gender stereotypes negatively affect individuals. However, little research has been conducted regarding the possible methods that could be used to eliminate the previously mentioned stereotypes. The present study questioned college students about their opinions in respect to gender stereotypes and their elimination. A total of 113 general psychology students were surveyed. Each survey consisted of nine basic questions centered on the theme of the study. At the conclusion of the study, I found that a significant relationship existed between education about gender differences and the eradication of gender stereotypes. The significant relationship suggests that by increasing education about the differences between genders, it may be possible to eradicate gender stereotypes. As a result of the eradication of the stereotypes, it may then be possible for males and females to lead more equivalent lifestyles.

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