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Dr. Eric Landrum


This study examined if stress caused by school and feelings of inadequacy were the motivating factors leading to intimate partner violence. This study consisted of 41 males, 28 females and 9 participants who did not specify a gender. The average age of the participants was 22.48. All of the participants (N = 78), were Boise State University students who either received class credit or were volunteers. Participants were given a survey with questions regarding their levels of stress and feelings of inadequacy. They also answered questions related to their year in school and past violent behavior. Also, they were asked if they considered lesser acts of violence to be violent or not. This study found that intimate partner violence is not a gender issue. More women answered that they had abused their partner than men did. Year in school and feelings of inadequacy were not significant as motivating factors leading to intimate partner violence in this study. All factors with the exception of gender were not significant in the motivations of violence with these participants. More research needs to be conducted to find the motivations of violence in intimate relationships.