The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls: The Frequency of Alternate Aggressions

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Publication Date

April 2010

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Dr. Eric Landrum


The present research examined the hidden culture of aggression in females and their usage of proactive alternate aggressions on a regular basis in order to positively influence overall social acceptance. The participants (N=78) answered a survey including questions on non-physical aggression and the frequency of usage. The results indicate there is a significant relationship between women who think non-physical aggression inflicted on others can positively influence social acceptance and the frequency in which women inflict non-physical aggression. However, females who do not believe that non-physical aggression inflicted on others influences social acceptance felt no affects. This suggests that women must believe and support this system of aggression in order to perpetuate it. It is also important to note that this is an overall social acceptance meaning women and men are supporting these behaviors since they are the ones accepting the person who possess this aggressive demeanor. The purposed motivation for proactive aggression among women is to maintain status and social acceptance, deemed important by popular culture and trends. Also, women are confined and limited to gender roles and stereotypes in western industrial cultures such as the United States. The pressures to conform in order to be accepted are demanding on every individual. Therefore, although the women who chose to inflict proactive alternate aggression on other women are perpetuating the problem, they are also tortured and caught in the cycle. It is necessary to further research this topic in adult women to create an awareness of these actions and well as the consequences.

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