Confluence Water Project

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Student Presentation

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Beau Hansen


The Youth Water Summit is the culminating event of the Confluence Project, where high school students present science research projects. The purpose of Confluence Project is to develop partnerships between university students and Vision Charter School’s environmental science class. Learning about water use, water quality, and water quantity is important because it is integrated into every aspect of human and environmental health. We created lessons, labs, and field trips to enhance student learning. The three main themes that we focused on were snow and water quantity, water quality, and agricultural water use as inspired by our experiences as Environmental Studies Majors. We planned field trips to Bogus Basin’s Snow School, Hyatt Reserve, and Nampa Fish Hatchery to connect to our three themes. Due to scheduling conflicts with the school, we were only able to complete the field trip to Hyatt Reserve. Our main result was creating an instructional guide for next year’s group to follow, filled with resources and lesson plans. We included our lessons, field trip plans, and other notes to help guide the project next year. Our project aims at helping students gain a better appreciation of the sciences by direct engagement and community involvement.

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