Boise Air Quality: Assessing Health Risks at Elementary Schools

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Student Presentation

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Beau Hansen


There has been a growing interest in air quality monitoring due to its association with respiratory health problems. There are currently two stationary sensors used to assess air quality here in Boise. However, these sensors are a poor representation of the airs quality throughout the entire valley. This project is the preliminary step to create an experimental design that focuses on the relationship between idling cars and air quality at elementary schools in the Boise area. Different air quality sensors were researched that would be able to test for different pollutants in order to assess the extent of idling cars at different schools. The main air pollutants, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide, were investigated to determine short and long term effects on human health. Sixteen schools were designated as focus points in the valley for the consequent group that will continue this project next fall. There is a need for this project because poor air quality can adversely affect students’ health due to the fact that inhaling car emissions can lead to respiratory damages and students are a sensitive population.

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