Effects of Noise Pollution from F-35A Aircraft at Gowen Field Air Base

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Student Presentation

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Beau Hansen


Boise, Idaho is home to the Gowen Field air base, one of a select few airports in the United States to be considered by the Air National Guard for basing its new aircraft, the F-35A. Due to potential impacts this may hold for the city of Boise and neighboring areas, the City of Boise and Boise Airport were contracted by the Air National Guard to conduct studies on possible scenarios that could result due to these changes. The purpose of this project was to complete a literary review of those prior studies paired with additional research into the impact of these aircraft. The group completing the review of these studies, formed by the BSU Environmental Studies program, was sponsored by the Citizens for a Livable Boise and Boise State University. Upon review of the studies, we conclude that there are noise, environmental, health, and economic impacts that Boise, Idaho may experience in the event the F-35A aircraft are moved to the Gowen Field air base in the future.

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