Submissions from 2017

Food Scarcity and Immigration Flows, Ben Albert

Our Farmland, Our Future: The Effects of Urban Sprawl on the Water Infrastructure in the Treasure Valley, Gaylen Edmo, Bailey Rogers, Ridge Baldner, and Alli Olsen

Effects of Noise Pollution from F-35A Aircraft at Gowen Field Air Base, Rebecca Frey, John Carlson, and John Clayton

Confluence Water Project, Darby Kenyon, Drew Riemersma, Lisa Barry, and Kymber Hunt

Going GREEN With LEAN, Zachary Metzger, Marta Söderlund, Erika Vaudrin, and Savannah Richardson

The Central Addition: Boise's LIV District, Sebrina Mortensen, Kailee Bales, James Teget, and Kellie Dugdale

Finland and the Bear: Eutrophication and International Conflict on the Baltic Sea, Deana Neaves

Islam is the New Black: Muslim Perceptions of Law Enforcement, Jesenia Robles


Snake River Stewardship Program, Christine Smith, Tyler Jenson, and Melissa Wagner

Boise Air Quality: Assessing Health Risks at Elementary Schools, Kelly Tarantino, Colton Braatz, and Heath Chisholm

Treasure Valley Grocery Store HFC's, Rebekah Triolo, Jace Parker, and Matt Clark

The Importance of Preserving Farmland in the Treasure Valley, Danielle Warnke, Austin Lewis, Cassidy Bremer, and Colby Behr