Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date



Special And Early Childhood Education

Major Advisor

Keith Allred


Literacy skills are developing in children from the time they are born and should be nurtured during the preschool years (Joint Position Statement, 2005). There are important literacy skill sets for children to acquire to be competent readers. The 2009 National Early Literacy Panel has defined one of these skills as alphabetic knowledge (Bell & Westberg, 2009). Alphabetic knowledge is being able to recognize and name letters and their sounds. The research shows that mastery of alphabetic skills is required before children can engage successfully in phonemic awareness. (Bara, Gentaz & Cole, 2007). Parents can facilitate their child’s mastery of these skills through activities that can be integrated into play and their child’s daily schedule. Educators can provide resources and support for learning these skills through a school-to-home connection. This is invaluable to students who may be at-risk because of disabilities, being an English Language Learner, or living in a low-literacy or poverty home. This project provides a literature review of emergent literacy skills and the need for support of at-risk students. It also includes a resource book of activities that can be sent home for students to work on with their families.