Concurrent Validity of Office Discipline Referrals and Cut Points Used in Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

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Office discipline referrals (ODRs) are commonly used by school teams implementing schoolwide positive behavior support to indicate individual student need for additional behavior support. However, little is known about the technical adequacy of ODRs when used in this manner. In this study, the authors assessed (a) the concurrent validity of number of ODRs received with a contemporary standardized behavior rating scale (the BASC-2 Teacher Report Form) and (b) the validity of common cut points to determine level of support needed (i.e., 0 to 1, 2 to 5, and 6 or more ODRs). Results indicated strong correlations between ODRs and rating of externalizing behavior and statistically and clinically significant differences in behavior ratings based on existing ODR cut points, but there was no significant relation between ODRs and ratings of internalizing problems. Results are discussed in terms of recommended use of ODRs as a screening measure to indicate level of behavior support required.


Behavioral Disorders, Volume 34, Issue 2, 100-113.

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