Implementing a Technology-Aided Check-In/Check-Out Intervention in an Online Learning Environment: A Pilot Study

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With a growing number of students with disabilities participating in online distance education, there is a need to explore support strategies that promote their academic success in these virtual environments. For students with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), this type of learning environment often lacks the structure and support for them to develop social emotional and self-management skills needed to be successful in their academics. The current study pilots a technology-aided check-in/check-out (CICO) intervention package for parents to implement with their students enrolled in online schooling. This study particularly focuses on using the intervention to increase the student engagement of one high school student with ASD participating in online distance education. Using a single-case, AB design, data were collected on student engagement prior to and during the implementation of the intervention package. Results show a significant increase in student engagement when the intervention was implemented. Reports from both the student and his mother indicated overall positive perceptions of the intervention. Further exploration of the results, including limitations and future directions, are discussed.