Ricky Morris

Document Type

Student Project

Publication Date

Spring 2010


Dr. Izaskun Kortazar


The purpose of HEP is to help migrant and seasonal farm workers who have worked in an agricultural job for at least 75 hours, and their children, who are 16years or older and have at least an 8th grade skill level in reading and math, to enhance socioeconomic mobility through education by providing an opportunity to take advantage of federally-sponsored GED training and tests. HEP also provides suitable lodging, meals, and health care for the duration of the student’s time in the residential program, as many of the students would otherwise be unable to attend. The learning goals for Service Learning in this class include: Gaining a more profound comprehension and awareness of the Hispanic language and culture, serving the Boise community employing the Spanish skills learned at BSU, expansion of vocabulary and skill in communicating in Spanish, interact with people from backgrounds that may be different from that of the service learning student, and providing a way to get the student significantly involved in the affairs of the local community.