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Student Project

Publication Date

Spring 2010


Bill Brudenell and Hadi Mirsadeghi


The purpose of our project was to provide Charlie with a device that he could talk with others. Because we felt like there was little engineering in this, we decided to provide an arm attachment to hold the device so that Charlie would be able to use the device without having to have help. We needed to design an arm that would attach to the wheel chair in a way that it would be secure and also not be in the way of his wheels, armrest, or the chairs controls. We were able to find a device that would be easy for Charlie to use and design an arm that would be fitting for his needs. Learning goals: Our learning goals were to be able to work together as a team, apply critical thinking, analyze and solve real world problems. We found that our team worked very well together and each member brought something important to the project that enabled us to be able to serve the needs of Charlie.

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