Human Physiology and Countermeasures for Spaceflight from the Perspective of an ISS Astronaut

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The human body changes while in the microgravity environment and NASA has developed countermeasures to reduce or mitigate some of these changes such as bone loss and muscle atrophy. The countermeasures equipment also help keep astronauts in good cardiovascular condition while in this environment. While this equipment, the advanced resistive exercise device (ARED), the treadmill (T2), and the cycle ergometer with vibration isolation and stabilization (CEVIS) do help tremendously, there is still room for improvement. This paper will discuss physiological changes experienced by the author, not only from microgravity, but also possibly from other sources on the ISS. And correspondingly, discuss how well the countermeasures worked for him and discuss the issues he had using these countermeasures. And areas these countermeasures were deficient, such as core strength.