The Redfish Environmental Data Institute is composed of interdisciplinary individuals from across Boise State and practitioners from across Idaho who are seeking ways to integrate diverse types of knowledge to advance our understanding of complex environmental systems.

Our mission is to create knowledge and facilitate relationships that lead to innovative and equitable solutions in environmental management by building a community of practitioners that value stakeholder engagement, actionable research, and professional development of the next generation of problem-solvers.

We have active research projects with collaborators within and outside of the university, and a repository of associated data, code, visualizations and publications. For more information visit our website.


Submissions from 2023


Dataset for Streamflow Data Catalog for the Pacific Northwest, Kendra E. Kaiser, Kyle Blasch, and Steven Schmitz

Submissions from 2022


Dataset for A Survey of Non-USGS Continuous Streamflow Gaging Networks in the Pacific Northwest, Kendra E. Kaiser, McAllister Hall, Kyle Blasch, and Vanessa Fry