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Data for Infrasound Tornillos Produced by Volcán Cotopaxi’s Deep Crater
J. B. Jonson, M. C. Ruiz, H. D. Ortiz, L. M. Watson, G. Viracucha, P. Ramon, and M. Almeida


The Debtor Class: A 'Missing Element' in Understanding Higher Education and Income Inequality
Lindee Neumeier, Jeffrey Cates, Ashlee Enbysk, and Colin Fenello


Fabric Analysis of Unconsolidated Pyroclastic Density Current Deposits
Patrick Zrelak, Nicholas Pollock, Trevor Hawkins, and Damiano Sarocchi


Modulation of Membrane Transport via Lysenin Channels Controlled by Electrochemical Gradients
Philip Belzeski, Nisha Shrestha, Daniel Prather, Samuel Kosydar, and Sheenah Bryant

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