Most Recent Additions


Dataset for Normalization of Unconstrained Handwritten Words in Terms of Slope and Slant Correction
Suman Kumar Bera, Akash Chakrabarti, Sagnik Lahiri, Elisa H. Barney Smith, and Ram Sarkar


Keynoter, September/October 2019
Boise State University Association of Office Professionals


Massacres: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Approaches
Cheryl P. Anderson and Debra L. Martin


Construction Contracts and Law
Mike Montoya and Donald E. Campbell


Impact of Beam Misalignment on Hybrid Beamforming NOMA for mmWave Communications
Mojtaba Ahmadi Almasi, Mojtaba Vaezi, and Hani Mehrpouyan


An Exploration of Attitudes Toward Dogs Among College Students in Bangalore, India
Shelly Volsche, Miriam Mohan, Peter B. Gray, and Madhavi Rangaswamy

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