Research Computing Days 2023


Ice/Ocean Interactions

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Student Presentation

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College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Mathematics

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Dr. Michal Kopera


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This is a simulation of a body of warm salty water placed next to an ice face (left). The warm ocean melts the ice, which decreases the temperature and salinity of water close to the ice/ocean interface. This more buoyant fluid rises creating a turbulent plume, which entrains more warm and salty water and creates a circulation in the initially static system. The simulation was done using Non-hydrostatic Unified Model of the Ocean (NUMO). The model is using advanced numerical methods (discontinuous and continuous Galerkin) and ice/ocean boundary conditions developed by Yao Gahounzo for his PhD in Computing thesis. This simulation is one of the benchmarks for the model aiming to simulate the interaction of ice and ocean in Greenland fjords.

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